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  Education and Professional Networking Committee

St. Andrew's Centre for Learning (CFL) was launched on March 13th, 2021 by our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben.

The Mission Statement of the Centre for Learning is to help St. Andrew's congregation members and all other members of the Christian faith, especially professionals and students, improve their learning and skills in various identified areas through dedicated and focused training and coaching. The end objective of the CFLis academic excellence and professional growth.

Centre For Learning has successfully completed the First Batch of Courses in the following Skills:

1. French
2. Japanese
3. German
4. Kannada
5. Soft skills

Around 35 Trainees benefitted from the First Batch. The First Batch of training was successfully completed because of the dedication and commitment of all the Trainers and the interest of all the Trainees.

On behalf of the Presbyter, Pastorate Committee, and EPNC (Education and Professional Networking Committee), I would like to thank all the Trainers for their time and efforts to make the First Batch a success. I would also like to thank our Presbyter, Office Bearers and the Pastorate Committee for their support, guidance and encouragement.

Centre For Learning will be starting the Second Batch of Courses from 1st November 2021. Courses will broadly be part of three categories:
1. Linguistic
2. Soft skills
3. Academic

Detailed announcements will follow. CFL is planning for the Certification and Accreditation of the courses in order to ensure maximum value for the trainees. Congregation members who wish to be part of CFL as Trainers are requested to contact EPNC Convener or the Church Office.

St. Andrew's Career Hub (CH) will be restarting its operations after the pandemic break on November 1st. Career Hub will support our congregation members through placements, placement assistance and career counselling.

The Education and Professional Networking Committee (EPNC) would like to thank all congregation members for their support and encouragement.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Palanna


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