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  Review Report
This report is based on twelve monthly reports submitted by the Evangelist Mr. Sampath Naik for the year 2008 and other reports submitted to the committee by the Field Interaction Team.
A total of 32 villages are covered under this mission fieldwork. During this period the Evangelist visited 29 villages at least once and 17 villages for 12 or more visits. He visited another 4 villages atleast 6 times. It is observed that the Evangelist has given a fair attempt to cover all the villages during this period compared to last year. Only 3 villages are not visited even once by him.
A total of 307 visits were made to these villages during the period for meeting people and gospel work. Worship Service on Sundays and festive days at Tubagre worship centre was held as usual regularly. From February, Worship service was started at Lagumanahally in the evening at one of the believer's house. Fasting or Healing Prayer Fellowship meetings were held at the house of believers. Fasting Prayer was conducted on 27 days in Palpaldinne, Lagumanahally, Tubagere or Paramagondanahally. Healing Prayer was held 5 days, 4 at Palpaldinne and one at Lagumanahally. All night Prayer was conducted at Palpaldinne in 2 nights. Children Club was held at the MRORT Community Centre hall, K.N.Hally on Saturday after-noons. Our Evangelist along with MRORT staff organises this programme. He visited 38 Saturdays.
A special Christmas programme was conducted at Tubagere in the month of January 2008. About 200 persons of Tubagere village and from other mission area villages and children from Children's club, K.N.Hally attended this function. St. Andrew's Church sponsored this programme. During Christmas season Carol rounds were organized for 7days visiting all the believers’ houses. In addition Christmas programme was organized in three villages, K.N.Hally, Lagumanahally and Lakshmidevapura. Women’s Fellowship representatives from St. Andrew’s Church distributed new clothes to the congregation members and presents to children on the Sunday before Christmas.
At the end of January 2008 the worship centre at Tubagere was shifted to another building, fairly to a better location and accommodation at a monthly rent of Rs.600/-. At the end of the period 20 families worships at this centre. In the beginning there was 18 families. On an average 30 to 50 persons including children attend worship service. During the Worship Service a sum of Rs.4662/- was collected as offertory. This new accommodation at Tubagere worship centre is also not sufficient for the Worship group.
This year in the month of April and May VBS was conducted for 6 days at Palpaldinne. One-day training programme was arranged for teachers and volunteers at St. Andrew's Church in the middle of April. About 100 children registered for VBS with an average attendance of 90 children per day. VBS Ministry's syllabus for rural children was followed. The theme for 2008 was “Look unto Jesus" Heb. 12:2. The children enjoyed the programme. The Church provided tea and Lunch. There is a burden that rests on us to carryout follow-up activities for these children in the coming days.
As usual the Field Interaction Team under the leadership of Mr. Paul Abraham & Mr. Franklyn Edwin visited Tubagere worship centre on 3rd Sundays and took part in the worship service. On these days the children were given special programme like singing children songs and teaching Bible stories. Two Bibles were given for distribution. One Kongo drum was given to be used in the worship service. Few chairs and a table along with some mats also provided for use in the worship service. In the month of November School going believers’ children were given Note Books and Geometry boxes.
The details of the villages covered for various Mission activities are given separately.
Observations and Suggestions:
The follow-up activities for the children who attended VBS need special attention.
Special programmes for the children attending worship service require strengthening.
Efforts to provide better accommodation for worship at Tubagere needs to be pursued.
Utilization of the worship centre at Tubagere on week days for betterment of the Worshiping Community and for others may be given serious thinking.
Explore the possibilities of sharing MRORT facilities in KN. Hally and other places for Gospel related programmes. In other words, enlarge the Children Club activities
Special efforts to enlist more volunteers from our congregation, especially people fluent in Kannada and with diverse aptitudes to take up present and future activities at our mission field may be made.
brazilian hair uk It is time to focus on providing quality spiritual services to the believers. In this direction some additional programmes may be thought of, as more and more believers are showing interest to take baptism.

G. E. Rupert Samuel 

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