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Young Couples Fellowship

"Do everything in love." - 1 Corinthians 16:14

This youngest ministry of Andrew's Family, would like to thank our Presbyter, the Pastorate Committee and the church for their support in establishing a ministry for the Newly Married, thus enabling the community and society to grow.

The YCF - Young Couples'Fellowship's Core Group consists of:
Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben, our Presbyter
Rev. and Mrs. Samuel Sujay Kumar
Mr. and Mrs. Biju Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Winfred Joshua
Mr. and Mrs. Abhishek Kotian
Wg Cdr I D Soans
Mr. Neil Anchan
Mr. John Mohanraj, and Mrs. Rashmi Mohanraj, the Convener.

I would like to thank the previous Convener, Mrs. Alexandrina Namratha, ably assisted by her husband Mr. Abhishek Kotian, for supporting YCF this far.

The Online Session for August was held on Saturday the 28th, and was blessed by the presence of our Presbyter, Rev. Dr. Dexter S. Maben and his wife, Mrs. Sangeetha Maben. The Session started with the Opening Prayer by our Presbyter. Mrs. Sonal and Mr. Joash led us with the Praise and Worship, while Mrs. Alexandrina and Mr. Abhishek led us with the Ice Breaker.

Mrs. Sheeba Thomas gave an insight about the way these Sessions are conducted. The Session was wrapped up with the Closing Prayer by Mrs. Kumuda, and Rev. Samuel Sujay Kumar pronouncing the Benediction. We missed Mr. Biju Thomas, yet were delighted with his guest appearance.

The wonderful Session on the topic, "Communication in Marriage: 'Closing the Loop' in Conflict" was led by Mrs. Anupama and Mr. Winfred. This topic provided the Four Steps to Reconciliation:

  • Preparing your heart
  • Loving Confrontation
  • Seeking Forgiveness
  • Regaining Trust

The beauty of these Sessions is the Fellowship that we have, and the learning that couples get by moments shared by other couples who have undergone similar situations. Couples share without the fear of being judged. We had 14 lovely couples, 2 couples from outside Andrew's Congregation joining us. At the end of the Session, a real-life Case Study was shared with the couples, who had to relate to the above 4 points, and how to resolve it.

We welcome newly married couples and couples married between 1 to 15 years, to join this wonderful time of sharing as a family. We request your support and prayers as we carry on the mantle of this Fellowship.

Mrs. Rashmi S. Mohan Raj
Convener, YCF

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